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Mushroom paprika

Mushroom paprika

Green onions, green garlic, vegetables and greens are cleaned, washed under a strong stream of cold water, then chopped.

In a large saucepan, sauté the onion, greens and peeled red pepper, chopped julienne, diced tomatoes, along with the oil and approx. 100 ml of cold water, over high heat, approx. 10 minutes, half covered.

Meanwhile, clean, wash and slice the Champignon mushrooms.

Add to the vegetable mixture, season with salt, pepper, paprika, the rest of the water, leaving it to cook for approx. 30 minutes on low heat, half covered.

The starch is mixed with the cooking cream, brought to room temperature, until it is homogenous, then poured over the mixture of mushrooms and vegetables, stirring continuously over low heat, until a velvety and creamy sauce is obtained.

Paprikas are served as such, accompanied by polenta or bread.

Good luck and good luck!

Quick spaghetti with vegetables I cook spaghetti about once every two weeks. We all really like it, especially the children! This variant is a fast one, perfect for crowded evenings. Since I have children, I rarely cook with wine. As a result, the spaghetti started to stick to me

We start a new week today and we are getting closer to the winter days. On the one hand I am sorry because there is a smaller range of fresh products to choose from. But, on the other hand, I also like to & # 8230

Soup and steak, from the same piece

& # 8222Halcă & # 8221 may or may not sound appetizing, depending on how many Sadoveanu books you read as a child. In the menu Clean plates (by the way, today I go to Neghiniță kindergarten to talk to children about healthy foods) I tried to combine kitchen operations in several places, to facilitate the work of cooks (who are TOO few and have to feed many mouths) . From this fight came various combinations that can be successfully applied in any family. I will now show you how you can make a soup and a steak from the same piece of meat, veal in this case:

Meat: a healthy piece of bone. For soup: water, onion, carrots, parsley, optional green onions. A little salt, noodles.

Cut the green onion into thin slices, use it only at the end, put it raw in the soup. If you have, if not, no.

How hard is it to make a clear soup? Wash and clean the vegetables, cut them and boil them with the meat in cold water. That's if you want all the nutrients in the soup. If you want a good part of them to remain in the meat (I recommend, if you use the meat for steak), put the meat in the pot only when the water boils, which leads to the closure of the pores. Boil the soup for an hour, maybe an hour and a half on low heat, froth when necessary and then strain the soup. Put the noodles boiled in water with a little salt. You can also add a little salt to the soup, maybe some peppercorns to boil.

Finally, add the parsley to the soup and a few slices of green onions. And boiled carrots.

For the second course, use the meat, two well-washed potatoes, maybe a little spinach that you fry in a pan with a drop of olive oil, just a minute, to soften.

Leave the piece of meat whole, cut the potatoes into rounds, put them all on a baking sheet, sprinkle a little salt on them, a little freshly ground pepper. Then put the tray in the hot oven at 200 degrees Celsius, reduce the temperature to 170 and leave the tray in the oven until the meat and potatoes are browned.

Cut the meat into thin slices.

How to make the perfect cappuccino

The light, frothy cappuccino is a favorite drink for many coffee lovers. With two basic skills for the barista (shooting and sparkling milk), you can learn how to make cappuccino yourself.

Starbucks describes a cappuccino as & quot; Dark and rich espresso is waiting under a layer of thick, stretchy foam, it really is the height of our barista boat & quot.

A cappuccino is an Italian coffee drink traditionally made with double espresso, hot milk and steamed milk foam on top. The cream can be used instead of milk and is often covered with cinnamon. It is usually smaller than a latte coffee, with a thicker layer of microfoam.

Cappuccinos are usually made using an espresso machine. The double espresso machine is poured into the bottom of the cup, followed by a similar amount of hot milk, prepared by heating and texturing the milk using the steam wand of the espresso machine. The largest third of the drink consists of milk foam this foam can be decorated with artistic designs made with the same milk, a growing trend called latte art.

Cappuccino is traditionally small with a thick layer of foam, while & quotlatte & quot is traditionally larger. Caffè latte is often served in a large cappuccino glass mostly in a small cup (5 ounces) with a handle. Cappuccino traditionally has a layer of textured milk microfoam with a thickness greater than 1 cm microfoam is frothed / steamed milk, in which the bubbles are so small and so numerous that they are not seen, but it makes the milk lighter and more thick. As a result, the microfoam will remain partially on top of the cup when the espresso is poured correctly, as well as mix well with the rest of the cappuccino.

In Italian, cappuccino literally means "small cap", which perfectly describes the head of the skim milk, which is the basis of the drink's espresso.

It is also supposed to come from a sartorial religious inspiration: with their iconic brown head and shaved head, the Capuchin monks are an almost human resemblance to the ring of cream and white foam that covers the classic drink. A phrase of the Franciscan Catholic order, these monks stopped themselves in 1520, adopting the brown cloak or hood, as an imitative sign of the Benedictine monks of Camaldolese, who offered refuge to the Capuchins while avoiding the persecution of church officials.

When carefully poured so that a white circle is perfectly surrounded by dark coffee, the design on a "traditional" cappuccino is called a monk's head.


Put a little oil in a pan, heat well and fry the rice until it blooms and becomes whitish, taking care not to burn. Then add as much water as the amount of rice (a cup) and let it cool over high heat.

Put the rice over the minced meat together with a grated onion, salt, pepper, 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon powder.
In a pot put the tomatoes cut as a salad (fresh or canned) together with the other grated onion and a cinnamon stick. Boil for about 20 minutes then pass through a sieve to remove the shells and seeds.

Put a little oil and 1 1/2 tablespoons of flour in a pan, fry a little on low heat and then add the tomato juice obtained, salt, pepper and a little cinnamon. Boil well. It tastes good and if it is sour, add a little sugar (a teaspoon) to take it from the sour.
The peppers are cleaned of the tails (the tails can be kept for lids), washed and scalded in boiled water for a few minutes.

Then fill the peppers with the minced meat, put the lids on and place in the pot.

Pour the tomato juice over them to cover them. If the juice is too thick, add more water, if it is too thin, add more flour. Boil over low heat semi-covered and check from time to time not to catch.

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