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Mexican Street Food at Home

Mexican Street Food at Home

Dos Caminos chef Ivy Stark shares recipes and simple ways to prepare Mexican food at home

Ivy Stark not only runs the kitchen of the successful Mexican restaurant Dos Caminos, with locations all over New York City as well as in Atlantic City, N.J., and Florida, but she's also someone who has grown up with Mexican cuisine since she was a little girl. It seems only fitting that she'd now decide to share her knowledge with home cooks around the world in her recently published cookbook Dos Caminos Mexican Street Food.

Each recipe was adapted to be accessible for home cooks and provides basic techniques as well as explantations of ingredients for every dish. From tender, braised short ribs to spicy stuffed chiles, Stark manages to deliver delicious and exotic cuisine to kitchens everywhere.

Corn-Stuffed Chiles

A spicy dish that's surprisingly simple to prepare, just make sure to wash your hands after touching the seeds.

Tamarind Braised Short Ribs

After being cooked low and slow, short ribs become incredibly tender and flavorful.

Spicy Cherry-Glazed Baby Back Ribs

Usually made in warm climates and outdoors, Stark adapted this recipe to be made in the home oven — without sacrificing the taste.

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