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Forest salad soup (untisor)

Forest salad soup (untisor)

On Saturday and Sunday we took advantage of the beautiful weather and we went to the forest, we walked, we relaxed, we picked flowers and we found forest salad or butter as it is called. I picked a piece of salad and made a delicious soup. It is prepared like the classic lettuce soup, with green onions, garlic, plenty of sour cream. Optionally you can add diced fried bacon or omelette. I prefer it simple.

  • -a bowl of forest salad
  • -2 green onion threads
  • -2 cloves of garlic
  • -200 ml sour cream
  • -1 egg yolk
  • -1 teaspoon delicate
  • -salt to taste
  • -1 teaspoon vinegar

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Forest salad soup (butter):

Finely chop the onion and fry in a little oil. Put water over the onion, let it boil and in the meantime wash the salad very well and put it to boil. Add the garlic (I put it on the small grater), the delicate one. Finally add the vinegar and boil a little more. Mix the yolk with the cream, then add a pinch of hot soup and mix. Finally, pour all the sour cream mixture over the soup, let it boil and it's ready.

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Butter salad

In the spring, the forest turns into a real natural garden with all kinds of plants that, for the people I know, will be a & # 8222 heavenly hand & # 8221, because they are clean not being touched by human hands (but grow naturally ).

These plants from the wild flora such as: dandelion, butterbur (or lamb salad), leurda, macris, stevia, have great benefits for organism, it needs & # 8221 news & # 8221 vitamins.

All spring green leaves combine perfectly with animal products such as meat, eggs, cheese or eaten as such with other vegetables.

Untisorul it is found in the forest at the foot of abundant trees, but now more recently we find it in supermarkets packed in vacuum bags just like arugula, lettuce, etc.

Its leaves contain vitamin C AND CALCIUM POTASSIUM FIBER, contributes to the detoxification of the body (cleanses the blood and liver) and has properties antianemic.

Untisorul, it is also called lamb salad, because it is used on the eve of EASTER holidays, along with heavy foods (because it has a digestive tonic effect).

We'll do it buttered salad, which will go very well on the table EASTER HOLIDAYS.

Untisorul, the wonder of the forest.

The stalls were filled with fresh seedlings, which our body needs to detoxify after the winter. Spinach, nettles, leurda, loboda and butter & # 8211 fresh and full of energy, entice us to eat them in salads or green smoothies. To get the most out of their wonderful nutrients, it is good to eat them raw, as soon as they are harvested.

These days, the forest is turning into a real natural garden. Everywhere, at the foot of the trees, you will find plenty of butter. Do not be afraid to pick it up and consume it, because it is the gift of nature for us. You will definitely recognize the plant. It is a bouquet of dark green leaves, round, glossy and fleshy, with a buttery taste, hence its name. People also called the miracle: swallow grass, lettuce, fat, lamb salad - according to their own imagination. Scientifically, the butter is called "Ranunculoid Fig". You tell him how you want, it is important to consume butter.

Butter is eaten in salads or added to soups with other seasonal greens, but only when they are very young. Now is their time and you can find them in ties, on market stalls, along with nettles, leurda, dandelion, green onions, garlic. After the plant blooms, the buttercup leaves become toxic and are no longer good to eat.

Green Salad Soup

4-5 heads of salad, 1/2 l of borscht, sour whey from cow's cheese,
lemon juice or salt or vinegar, 30 g smoked bacon or oil, 5-6 puppies
garlic, a yolk, 300 ml sour cream or 200 ml yogurt, an onion, paprika, dill,
leustean, net.

Method of preparation:

The well-washed salad is taken in bundles and cut into wide strips
which will be put in 1 1/2 l boiling water, together with a finely chopped onion. it
boil for about 15 minutes, until well softened, then sour, to taste, with
borscht or other sour substance, filling the liquid, so that the soup is suitable for

Rub the yolk well with sour cream, add flour (10 g per liter of soup).
Cream can be replaced with yogurt and without flour. The whites are dissolved with hot soup and then poured over the soup seasoned with salt and pepper.

It is flavored with dill and chopped garlic, and, optionally, with larch.

For taste, fry the smoked bacon, which is cut as small as possible, until
when the scallops turn light golden and pour into the soup.

What ingredients do we use for the blueberry jam recipe?

  • 1 kg of fruit
  • 1 kg of sugar
  • & frac12 lemon sliced
  • 150 milliliters of water
  • vanilla

Opinions UNTIŞOR benefits and properties. Simple and healthy recipes with BUTTER.

CAREFUL! Among the contraindications of buttermilk we find that it is NOT recommended to use buttermilk in people suffering from intestinal tract problems or by pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Buttermilk is used both in the kitchen and as a medicinal plant, having a variety of health benefits.

Buttermilk has only 11 calories per gram and is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. It also contains vitamin K, vitamin A, B-complex vitamins, copper, calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus.

Due to its vitamin and mineral content, when introduced into the diet, buttermilk can protect against osteoporosis and anemia. It is also used to treat indigestion, allergies or acne.

About the salad extract is believed to be valuable for skin conditions, wounds, ulcers, hemorrhoids.

Buttermilk is an important source of fiber and potassium, helping to lower cholesterol levels and regulate blood pressure.

Also, the consumption of lettuce can improve our mood, contributing to the elimination of toxins from the body, to cleanse the blood and liver.

Butter soup recipe

600 grams buttermilk 2 l vegetable soup 2 eggs 100 ml milk vinegar / lemon juice to taste 2-3 cloves garlic salt and pepper to taste

How to prepare butter soup:

Wash the butter very well and break the tails. Peel the garlic. Heat the vegetable soup well, add salt, pepper and the garlic passed through the press. Add the lettuce or butter, put the lid on and turn off the heat.

Beat the eggs separately, add the milk and vinegar or lemon juice. In the bowl of beaten eggs, add little by little the hot soup, so that the composition of eggs, milk and vinegar reaches the end at the temperature of the soup in the pot.

Carefully pour the contents into the pot. Homogenize easily.

This process ensures the perfect combination of egg and milk, so that the soup does not cut. Butter soup is served hot, with or without cream.

Forest salad (butter) with beans, corn, egg and radish

The forest salad or butter is very rich in minerals. Only the leaves are used. Be careful: it is not recommended to use the leaves during flowering or later, because they are toxic., I bought the salad from knowledgeable peasants., We need: 1 handful of lettuce, 1 radish, 1 hard boiled egg, 1 tablespoon red beans (canned), 1 tablespoon corn kernels (canned), 1 piece of diced cheese, 1 tablespoon sunflower oil, apple cider vinegar to taste.

Difficulty: low | Time: 10 min

Video: Picking Mushrooms in the Forest. Yellow Kantarell Mushrooms in Finland (January 2022).